Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why a measure fee instead of free?

We are sometimes asked, "Why must I pay for a measure to be done?" We have a simple answer: we are creating a measuring tool that can be used now and in the future. It's not just a collection of scribbled dimentions and square footages (like some companies will use,) it's a quarter inch scaled floor plan, or half inch scaled elevations for kitchen backsplashes or bathroom showers. The floor plan created allows for us to highlight the intended areas of installation, show floor breaks, and draw in seams for roll goods such as carpet and vinyl. This provides clarity for subcontractors. It also allows us to calculate waste with a much better degree of accuracy, saving the customer money. Finally, this nominal fee is applied to your project upon order. So when you add it all up, you may actually save money by having us do your estimate!

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