Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Accessories with Storage

We all want accessories in our home that both look good and are functional. Stylish magazine holders can add great texture and color to a room. Jewelry boxes or trees on your bathroom countertop would be a great accessory for any girl. Roll up some bright colored bath towels, placing them in baskets or trunks in your bathroom or use them for blankets in your family/TV room. Store your DVD's in a basket verses metal stands.

Global Views: Artisan Jewelry Box (Above)

Interlude Home: Posner Hide Tray (Below)

Interlude Home: Long Point Baskets (Above)

Interlude Home: Amir Travel Trunks (Below)

Global Views: Trapunto Magazine Holder (Above)

Global Views: Arabesque Magazine Rack (Below)

Global Views: Cuckoo Necklace Tree (Above)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What wE Love Now

I want to feature this week Lexington’s Twilight Bay Collection. An inspired interpretation of French and American styling, Twilight Bay makes a fresh design statement in three unique finishes – Chestnut, Antique Linen and Driftwood.

With this line they have executed unique, updated, and fresh quality pieces. This finish is extraordinary. Further, the storage capabilities are function and fashion.

The Harley Cabinet is 32½W x 87H x 20D in. What a distinctive and exciting way to provide yourself with extra closet space. Towels, shoes, linens … the list is endless.

The Halsey Bunching chests, for once, supply enough storage to really organize and break down all of your accessories. Does your husband come home every night and lay his keys, wallet, change on the night stand or the kitchen counter? This piece provides enough storage to completely compartmentalize. A place for your things scarves, belts, sunglasses, stationary, remote controls … just a few ideas. A space for everything that you never have a place for!
The Olivia Tray Table, finally a piece both stylized and useful. This piece provides pull out trays for your glass/cup of coffee while the other shelves are used to intentionally store and display items. This allows you to place your things systematically without always having to shift items around in order to make your furniture functional – You can actually use it!!!
I am so excited about these pieces!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Beyond Utility Utility Rooms

Why not make your utility room something you enjoy going into to spend time?
Utility Rooms can be areas for many home functions. You can have a place to drop your jacket, shoes, skis, or a place to do your laundry, ironing, sewing, painting, crafts, or do your household accounting. Think about the things you have to do at home that you would love to have a more functional work space in which to implement and plan from. What are the specific tasks? Those are the things you can plan your utility area around.
This is an area you can do unique features in that will just make you smile! You can be a little out of the box in this area! Paint the space your favorite color, feature pictures of fun events, calendar of family or personal schedules, vacations etc. Just make this a place you really enjoy spending time or passing through.

Give us a call if you would like to have Utility put back in your Utility Room! Make us your Master of Organization Coach! After all, you deserve to have it the way you want it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Organize Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

If your kitchen is losing its luster, it may be time for a few refreshing changes, redecorating, or remodeling.

When people come into our showroom in the inital stages of considering a kitchen remodel, the biggest question they ask is "I haven't done anything to my kitchen in years...what does something like that cost?"

Create a ballpark. Take the value of your home and budget 8-12% of this number if your kitchen remodel will not include cabinetry. If you are planning to include cabinetry, budget 12-18%. For example, if your home is valued at $275,000, plan to spend between $22,000-50,000.

Then, plan on breaking your "big picture" budget into managable pieces:

35% Cabinetry
Cabinetry makes up the bulk of your kitchen's budget because it is the very backbone of both the design and functionality of your kitchen.
Spend More: Outfit your kitchen with an accessory package that meets your needs. Add baking sheet dividers, pull out trash and recycle bins, spice drawers or racks, etc. Upgrade your doors and drawers to include soft close. Finish off your look with upgraded hardware to tie in your design taste or style.
Spend Less: Utilize existing cabinetry. Consider refinishing existing doors. Or, integrate new cabinetry. Opt for fewer drawers. Utilize standard widths and depths as much as possible in your cabinetry layout. Minimize or eliminate accessories. Utilize standard hardware selections to avoid an upcharge.

9% Counters
What you spend on counter tops depends largely on the type of surface you wish to install. Today, most of our clients choose slab granite, marble, quartz, or another natural stone.
Spend More: Select a stone you fall in love with at the slab yard! Countertops can truly define an entire kitchen and give you and your designer a fun pallette to pull from. Selecting a honed or antiqued stone will increase your cost, but also give you a less standard look. Upgrade your standard edge to an ogee for a more traditional, polished appearance.
Spend Less: Select a "standard" granite that is more common and has a tighter grain to reduce your material cost. Or, consider Corian or laminate tops. Utilize a standard granite edge (such as an appliance edge or full bullnose). Eliminate radiused edges and opt for straight cuts instead.

15% Appliances
You can tailor your appliance budget based on how you use your kitchen and what kind of appliances you will need. Love a professional range? Plan to spend more. Just need a simple kitchen to reheat take out and cook occasionally? A basic appliance package will suit you just fine.
Spend More: Opt for professional appliances with integrated refrigeration and dishwasher. Add fun specialty appliances, like a drawer microwave, built in espresso machine, or a wall-plumbed coffee maker. Select from appliance finishes ranging from stainless to oil rubbed bronze, to every color of the rainbow!
Spend Less: Select a basic appliance package. Consider choosing a black or white finish rather than stainless. Maintaining the same appliance layout you had originally (if it was functional) will save you money in moving water and gas lines.

7% Electrical and Lighting
Why settle for a couple of poorly scaled, no-impact pendants over your island?! Choose lighting that really defines your space and add appropriate recessed and direcitonal lighting to make cooking a breeze. Take this opportunity to move your outlets either up or down so that your backsplash isn't interupted. Switch out your device colors to better blend into your tile.

6% Wall tile
The intricacy and material you choose for your splash will make all the difference in how much of your budget it constitutes.
Spend More: Choose decorative listellos, liner bars, or accent tiles. Select a field tile that is porcelain or natural stone. Create an intricate design that lends interest to your splash and take advantage of the space above your range or sink. Opt for glass mosaic tile or slab on your entire splash.
Spend Less: Plan your design around a simple ceramic tile and use minimal decorative accents. Straight set your tile to avoid labor upcharges.

8% Flooring
Your flooring budget will rest on the material that you select.
Spend More: Opt for hardwood or tile. Setting your tile on the diagonal will increase your labor expenses.
Spend Less: Choose less expensive laminate or vinyl flooring.

20% Labor
You get what you pay for when it comes to labor!! Spend what it takes to ensure that what you've spent 80% of your budget on looks as good as it should!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What wE Love Now!

Organizing is the act of rearranging elements following one or more rules.
Anything is commonly considered organized when it looks like everything has a correct order or placement. But it's only ultimately organized if any element has no difference on time taken to find it. In that sense, organizing can also be defined as to place different objects in logical arrangement for better searching.

Organization in your space doesn’t have to be defined or boxed in. For instance, if your home has a modern flow you typically live minimally. All things have its space for presentation. Clean lines and no clutter. Personal belongings typically are stored out of sight, sometimes in creative capacities.

Other spaces for a lady who is Urban Minded, but is not interested in the perfection that often comes with a modern environment, there are other appearances of organization. A fluffy couch with a quilt draped over it, books intentionally stacked on a coffee table with a tea cup by its side will look intentional.

Choose your design style to support your realistic lifestyle.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Custom Closets

We designed this closet for a 2009 Parade of Homes residence. With sleek veneer doors and a monochromatic palette, there's plenty of space to store it all! Adjacent to a secondary laundry facility, practicality is king in this 7,000 square foot home.

If you, like me, were drooling over the celebrity closets Vickie posted about the other day, you'll love hearing about how a custom closet system can be practical for you, too! As you begin your spring cleaning, why not get a custom closet in the works? Take stock of what you store in your closet (and what you're storing elsewhere but would like to store in your closet!). Do you have a shoe collection that you'd like to see easily? Do you store seasonal clothing in your closet all year 'round, or prefer to swap it in as the seasons change? What is dressing like for you? Is it an experience where you take your time every morning or are you just trying to get out of the door efficiently? Your answers to these questions will help you determine exactly what your priorities are as you design your dream closet. And, designed carefully, your husband may not even have to know how big that shoe collection really is!

Shoe cubbies allow storage for the bulk of your collection...

...while tilted shoe shelves allow you to display your favorites.

How about a pull out hamper to keep your laundry out of sight?

Don't forget the amenities! A built in coffee maker or espresso machine (plumed into the wall) to start your day off right or a just-right chair or bench can make all the difference! Fun lighting and a beautifully framed full length mirror are a must!

Have fun with the finishes in your closet. Try a bold patterned carpet or a playful paint color. Or, my personal favorite...wallpapered closets:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Care and Keeping of...Hardwood

You've just installed your beautiful hardwood floors. Maybe they're handscraped. Maybe they're brushed. Perhaps they're engineered rather than solid. They're stunning. Warm, natural and just the perfect finish.

How do you keep them that way?

When considering hardwood, our clients most frequently ask "Will they scratch?" The answer to this question is that hardwood is a natural material and some scratching is inevitable. However, with careful maintenance, you can really live on your hardwood without seeing the evidence.

When buying...

  • Opt for pre-finished hardwood. Eheart's hardwood business is almost exclusively pre-finished because the finish is so superior to sand-on-site flooring. Pre-finished flooring has an aluminum oxide wear layer which results in a commercial grade finish that will last years longer before refinishing. And, you can walk on your floors the same day they're installed! A win-win!

  • Handscraped Hardwood

  • Consider handscraped hardwood. If you have pets or kids, consider the character of a hand scraped hardwood. This style of hardwood is like distressed denim--it's already got a bit of character, so when Junior comes in with gravel in his shoes from a particularly mischevious day at school or when Fido is overdue for a nail trim, the damage done only adds to the charm of this flooring.

Once installed...

  • Clear the debris. The biggest culprit for hardwood wear comes from dirt, sand, and gravel that can buff or scratch your floor. Run your vacuum, dust mop, or broom over your floor routinely to extend your hardwood's life.
  • Use a wax free cleaner. We recommend and sell the Bona Hardwood Floor Care System. Similar to a Swiffer mop, this system is quick and easy--a quick dry mop to pick up residual debris then a quick spritz of the all-natural cleaner is all it takes for beautiful floors!
  • Manage humidity. A whole house humidifier is a worthwhile investment to keep your hardwood looking brand new for years to come.

  • Cap Fido's toenails. Try a completely humane simple nail cap on your pet's toenails to keep them from damaging your floors as they slide to your front door to greet unexpected guests.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dream Closets and Dressing Spaces

Dream Closets and Dressing Spaces come in all shapes and sizes. If you have had thoughts that it would be great to be able to just walk into your closet and find everything at the tip of your fingertips, then this is the place to start. A great closet can be a surprise to anyone who might see it, including you!

Function is the most important element to consider when designing a closet. The aesthetic quality is a secondary consideration.
When planning your dream closet consider the following elements:
1. Make sure you have True Color Lighting and a lot of it.
2. Space allocation for every type & quantity of clothing you have such as shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, boots, pants, jackets, shirts, belts, ties, bags, suit cases, caps, hats, etc.
3. Locate the items you use the most at the front of the closet such as your house shoes, bathrobe, favorite clothes you wear around the house or on weekends etc.

4. Remember to put a charging station for your phone, mp3 player, computer, etc. Make sure there are enough outlet locations for everyone who shares the closet.
5. Make a drawer for the items you carry everyday, company pass, wallet, car keys, house keys, etc.
6. Make a travel drawer for electrical conversion kit, passport, etc.
7. Create space for items that make you happy; such as pictures, favorite colors, jokes, music, coffee maker, souvenir displays, fun cabinetry pulls, bright drawer lining, etc. This is usually one of the first places you visit in the morning and one of the last places you see before going to bed at night.
8. Flexibility in the adjustment and arrangement of the cabinetry or shelving system you select is also important. This will be a organizational investment and you want it to last forever. Make certain all of the organizational elements you need are a part of the system you utilize or of the custom cabinetry you are selecting.
9. If you have valuable items you might want to consider locking cabinetry, a fireproof jewelry and personal paper safe, a cooling closet for your furs as well as temperature and humidity control.
10. A three way mirror is also an excellent addition to any closet. If you don’t have room, you can put a full length mirror on the back of the door, front of the door or on cabinetry door fronts in the closet.
11. If you closet is located off your master bath you may want the d├ęcor to appear to be an extension of your master bath. If off your master bedroom you may want it to be a closet/dressing area which would have the same or complimentary finishes to your bedroom. For the truly adventurous you could create a completely separate space which is a totally different personality than any of the rest of your home environment, almost like your own personal hide away. For the guys “The Man Cave Closet” and for the gals “The All Out Feminine Closet” for instance.
12. Any spacious closet should have a comfortable place to sit to put on your shoes or just think about what you are wearing while having a cup of coffee.
After considering all of the items you might want to include, think about how many linear feet of space it would really take to have all your necessary clothing at your fingertips. Remember clothing will take 24” of depth hanging space. Measure how many feet you have available and see if what you want will fit. If the area is too small you could consider making an extra bedroom your closet dressing room or dividing your clothes into seasons and putting your out of season clothing in a well organized closet area in another part of the house such as a spare bedroom or the basement.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Appliances to Get Excited About!

Thermador's Column refrigeration system offers a fun, fresh solution to maximizing your space for all of your cooling needs. Available in 24 and 30 inch columns, the refrigerator and freezer units are separated to give you maximum flexibility in your kitchen design. And, with a wine refrigeration column, you can even address the specific cooling needs of your favorite bottle!

Subzero's flush inset refrigerator is the only panel ready refrigerator that truly sits flush into your cabinetry, allowing you to achieve that furniture look.Kitchenaid's drawer refrigerators are a fun option for your entertainment room or wet bar. Or, if you have a space, it's a great solution for your kiddos to access their own snacks and drinks without your help.


Jenn Air's Culinary Center oven will make even a timid cook a confident one. Simply push a few buttons to let the oven know what type of meat you're cooking and how well done you'd like it. It will even give you a recipe!

Kitchen Aid's induction cooktop will get you out of the kitchen sooner and help make your kitchen a safe place for your kids to be. Induction cooktops work with a magnetic connection to your cookware. They sense when a pan is on the surface. When removed from the heating element, the heat immediately goes away, so you can run your hand over the surface immediately--great for curious kids. They also boil water in a seconds rather than minutes, getting you through the dinner prep rush and to the table with your family sooner!
Check out all of these at our favorite appliance center, Specialty Appliance. Their knowledgeable team of professional appliance specialists will help you put together the perfect package for your kitchen--at competitive prices! Tell us which of these appliances you wish you had, and we'll enter you to win a $100 gift card for Specialty Appliance!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Organize Your Kitchen!

Let Eheart Interior Solutions design a kitchen that is more than just a pretty face. Our Eheart Essentials Cabinetry Line works hard so you don't have to! Whether you're after creating a gourmet wonderland or a utilitarian kitchen that gets the crowd fed, a carefully considered accessory package will make your kitchen the hardest working room in your home. And don't stop with practical inclusions like wastebasket pull outs, appliance garages, and spice drawers. Display your favorite cookbooks and let your collections take center stage with glass shelving, pigeon hole shelving, and wine storage. The possibilities are endless!