Monday, February 21, 2011

Defining a Style: Romantic Styling

For the month of February, what could be more appropriate than defining the Romantic Style?
 Collected.  The Romantic style is (or appears) collected over time.  It is characterized by detail and attention to the little things.  This image shows collected objects that work together because of the similar tonal value in the myriad of items.  Fun detailing, like carved decorative mouldings, adorn the chest and dressers.  Layering also is key to this style.  Different materials, textures, and surfaces unite to create a uniquely layered, cohesive feel.
 Tonality.  A sense of sameness in color tonal value marks this style, with faded textiles, feminine dove grays, and colors toned down enough to qualify as neutrals stealing the show.
 Nostalgia.  Antiqued furniture, heirloom quilts, and architectural details (like the wooden beams), take you back to simpler times.  Try furniture pieces with heirloom finishes, limed woods, hardwood with a vintage finish.
 Details.  Romantic styling includes stunning details, executed beautifully.  This dining room includes chair seats slip covered with ultra-femme ruffles.  Turned legs, limed caned chair backs, and beautiful candlesticks are reminiscent of this eye for detail.

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