Saturday, February 26, 2011

Accessories...Forever Romantic: Candles & Flowers

Flowers and Candles; two things that every woman loves (or at least one or the other). Two things that can be romantic any day of the year; whether it be a special occasion or just because. Take a look for some great ideas to give her some flowers and candles in something a little more unique than the traditional vase and holder. Something that once again she will love to use all year long!

Global Views Ball Bud Vase and Organic Bud Vase

Global Views Flower Power, Light Green Vase and Wall Mounted Tube Vase

Global Views 212 Degrees Flower Vase and Versatile Vial (Keep water in the vials and replace the flowers with tapered candles for something a little different)

Global Views Arts and Crafts Candle Holder and Crimp Flower/T-Lite Holder

Global Views Votive and Vial Holder and Strapping Candle Holder

Global Views Tubular Candlestick and Vase and Scratched Wood Banjo Candle Holder

Friday, February 25, 2011

What wE Love Now!

Quintessential, ageless: Words used to describe the never changing and lasting designs that have carried on for generations. However, traditional furniture does not mean “out of style” or passé. In fact, traditional is categorized as traditional because it has not gone out of style. If you like the look of more traditional pieces it is possible to create a home where you are taken back. Look to the details within the woodwork and subtle hints of style to add character to your home.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pamper Yourself In A Romantic Bath

There are many elements you can integrate into creating a romantic bathroom.  A romantic bath should make you feel special in every way.  From the moment you step onto the heated floor to the warmth of the water coming from the rain head in the shower to the long soak in the extra deep soaking tub. Hand help shower arms at the bathtub rim are also an added plus.

Romance can be created by the addition special details in the space itself or by adding accessories such as candles, soft window treatments, chairs, special towel holders, fresh flowers, dimmable lighting, special mirrors, beautiful rugs, fine art and all of the necessary functional amenities at your finger tips.

Use a sleek space as your back drop to create many romantic scenes.  Add red towels, soft window treatments, new and different fluffy rugs in unique colors by occasion or great spa scents accessible to the soaking tub.  You could also change the art on the art walls by occasion.  Let your imagination go wild in creating your romantic environment.
Have some fun creating your romantic bath and call us to implement your creation!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Defining a Style: Romantic Styling

For the month of February, what could be more appropriate than defining the Romantic Style?
 Collected.  The Romantic style is (or appears) collected over time.  It is characterized by detail and attention to the little things.  This image shows collected objects that work together because of the similar tonal value in the myriad of items.  Fun detailing, like carved decorative mouldings, adorn the chest and dressers.  Layering also is key to this style.  Different materials, textures, and surfaces unite to create a uniquely layered, cohesive feel.
 Tonality.  A sense of sameness in color tonal value marks this style, with faded textiles, feminine dove grays, and colors toned down enough to qualify as neutrals stealing the show.
 Nostalgia.  Antiqued furniture, heirloom quilts, and architectural details (like the wooden beams), take you back to simpler times.  Try furniture pieces with heirloom finishes, limed woods, hardwood with a vintage finish.
 Details.  Romantic styling includes stunning details, executed beautifully.  This dining room includes chair seats slip covered with ultra-femme ruffles.  Turned legs, limed caned chair backs, and beautiful candlesticks are reminiscent of this eye for detail.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Accessories...Forever Romantic: Chandeliers

Add forever, timeless romance to any room with a classic chandelier. Replace that old semi-flush mount above your bed or dining table with a newer contemporary twist on a chandelier with Fascination Shade by Uttermost (Above). Get this Valentina Mini Chandelier (Below) from Currey & Company for your sweeties dressing closet to make her fill like a princess every day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Designer Turn Offs: A Missing Piece

What's wrong with this picture?
Where is the headboard?!  
If you could do one thing to legitimize your bedroom set up, it would be adding a headboard.  For whatever reason, selecting a headboard seems to paralyze people.  One thing is for certain, it is not for a lack of options.  Take a peek at a few of these:
Lort's makes stunning furniture in finishes you will absolutely drool over.  This beautiful layered finish makes the headboards look like they've been in the attic for generations.  Their whimsical shape and pleasant dimension gives this room a unique look worth repeating.
Here's a bed you can smoke a cigar in.  Clad with tufts of supple leather, this masculine piece is sure to please even the most discerning bed mate.  Don't shy away from it in an ultra-femme space, though.  In a softer tone or in velvet rather than leather, this could be your new favorite spot to stay up with novel.
Having been schooled in the South, I'm well acquainted with what a monogram can do to, well, most anything.  What a sophisticated way to add a little Southern charm to your bedroom.

The shape of this four poster bed will take your breath away.  Reminiscent of a weekend on the Maine coast, the details of this bed are truly what make it a one of a kind piece.
Who doesn't want to be enveloped by this stunning piece?

Come in soon...bedroom furniture is 30% off all week!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Designer Turn Offs: Bedroom Sets!

Get a group of designer's together and they are bound to talk about the design faux pauxs they just can't stand.  This month, we'll be presenting a few of those in a light hearted series called Designer Turn Offs.

Let's start with bedroom sets.

I always say that bedroom sets encourage a lack of creativity.  Why settle for a dresser, two identical nightstands and a bed frame all in the same finish, same wood?!  Do something fun and creative.  Break the rules! 

If you're scared to take the plunge, start small with your nightstands.  These pieces do not have to match your other furniture.  They don't even have to match one another!  Play with color on these pieces with a glossy color of your choice with a Lorts piece. 

How fun would that be to wake up to in the morning?!

Take a peek at these two bedroom sets in sight, yet the whole look is pulled together!

Already have a bedroom set?  No big deal.  If you can't start fresh, start by dividing your pieces.  Swap one of your living room end tables with the bedside table from your (sigh) bedroom set.  Put your low dresser piece in your entry way or dining room as a console piece.  Forgo just your headboard for a fun, upholstered one.  Have fun with it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Accessories...Forever Romantic: White

While red is the classic romantic color, white is my color of choice. Complimenting colors you have already chosen for you home, you are able to enjoy them all year around. Add these white Komaki Poofs, by Global Views, (right photo) as an ottoman in front of your sofa, or maybe two at the foot of your bed. Toss a couple of the Komaki Balls (left photo) on a side chair or sofa and instantly add an elegance that is fun yet soft.