Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What We Love Now!!!

Larger Than Life
·      Selecting or choosing from various sources
·      Made up of what is selected from different sources
Our Larger Than Life vignette is a group that mixes different wood species & shades, feminine accessories, & a masculine bed with a very simple yet striking comforter set. Pulling from different inspirations, when paired together defines a magical place.

Two tips inspired by the Larger Than Life bedroom group:
1.     Mix & Match Woods!  When done right will result in a space all your own without being boxed into a cookie cutter “set”

2.     HEADBOARDS, HEADBOARDS, HEADBOARDS!!!  Please do not be a victim of what I would describe as a fashion disaster.  Unless you have a space relevant to a minimalist commitment, do not miss having such a defining focal point of your bedroom.  Today there are so many interesting types to choose from:

-       Upholstered
-       Raw Wood
-       Exotic Wood
-       Traditional Silhouettes
-       Metals
-       Gloss Veneer...
        The list goes on and on ...

Larger Than Life is a White Hot Ironwood bed with Moroccan inspired carved detailing.
Flower Power
Against the heavy Ironwood headboard (Ironwood – the wood that will not float) this accent lamp softens the edges.
Be playful… an accent piece makes your design space unique and all your own.
Fe, Fi, Faux,
            An understated beauty
The Long & The Short of It …
Naturally casual, this piece is Ash, another example of combining different wood tones.
How easily you can freshen up or change the style image of this pallet!  Choose a print scattered with images and color.  An area rug can grasp and project the genre you are presenting.


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