Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Not Start with Countertops First?

A few countertop materials…but hundreds of colors!
Tile…Thousands of colors, textures and patterns!
Paint Colors…Millions!
Wood Species…a few. Wood stains…hundreds!
Lighting, hardware, plumbing…thousands!

Are you overwhelmed and confused with all your options? Let me help!

With every element in a room comes thousands, if not millions, of options for each one! Then the question becomes, “Where do I start?” There are many directions you can go with designing any room. Don’t go into your project thinking there is only a right way and a wrong way. I know that doesn’t help narrow anything down…so let me tell you what I like to do when designing kitchens and bathrooms.

Being a stone geek, I like to use the countertop as my inspiration piece for the rest of the space (normally, kitchens and bathrooms). Countertops are commonly a main focal point, especially with large islands quickly becoming a familiar gathering location for many families. That is where the food is located after all! So let’s start there…

Though there are hundreds of beautiful granite slabs, it is normally a quick process of elimination of what works for your home and what doesn’t. With a countertop choice made, your options have been narrowed down for everything else. (Well, a little bit)! If a couple different granites (or other materials) work for your countertop, take the design a bit further with all of them. Maybe you will have a heard time finding a backsplash you like for one of your options; so eventually you will be able to continue to narrow down your options.

Idea #1: Wanting an updated traditional look I used Painted Sage Green with Chocolate Glaze from Eheart Essential Cabinetry and a 2” x 4” milk chocolate glass as my backsplash. The countertop will have a calming contrast with the cabinets allowing both to be individual focal points. The chocolate glass gets pulled both from the chocolate glaze in the cabinets and brown veins running throughout the slab; being a subtle element it continues to allow the granite countertop to be the main focal point. Once again, not wanting much of a contrast I went with a light/multi color quartzite for the floor. (Image Above)
Idea #2: Wanting a brighter splash of color and a bit more modern style. Pulling auburn from the slab, the 2” x 4” auburn glass backsplash will definitely catch your eye. I changed the cabinet to a Coffee stained Lyptus Wood, with a recessed flat panel door, to compliment the granite allowing the granite and backsplash to contrast each other for my main focal points. (Image Below)

With those decisions made, all the other decisions; paint, hardware, fabric, etc., should come a little easier. Always keep in mind the overall style you are aiming for, that will help narrow down your options.
Your spaces should be just as unique as you. There are many elements in a room and many choices to be made, email me and let me help you pull them all together to create the space you have been dreaming about! – sarahWATSON

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