Friday, October 8, 2010


Vickie, our resident trend expert says...
Rough Luxe is the new term being used in the field of innovation and interior design.  The term describes the Trend of timelessness, luxury, nature, environment as well as comparing objects and thinking of their lineage.  The idea of luxury is about creating environments which support the interactions of the people within the spaces with a sense of warmth, charm and authenticity in a Rough Luxe scheme.  Simplicity as a background and style within an interior space while featuring luxurious finishes, fabrics, lighting, cabinetry, furnishings and art is characteristic of this style.  The vivid contrast of distressed wood, crystal chandeliers, rough antiques, contemporary wall finishes, barn wood, velvet, chenille, soft leather would describe some of the examples of this style.   The theme of pampering oneself in the home environment with home spa bathrooms, exquisite kitchens for exceptional cuisine preparation and refined but comfortable living spaces will continue to be part of the interior environment well into the next decade.   To sum it up authenticity, reuse and sustainability (from the perspective of not redoing in the future) is the new luxury.
Image: Architectural Digest, Oct 2010

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