Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look Up! How's Your Fifth Wall Looking?

Picture this: you've got your house just about where you want it.  Your designer has spent hours with you selecting a beautiful paint scheme for your walls, arranged your furniture just so (and supplemented with a few pieces you fell in love with when you visited the showroom), hung the most spectacular window treatments your girlsfriends have ever seen, and scattered unique, conversation worthy accessories and artwork that pull the whole look together.  But something's missing and you just can't quite put your finger on it.

Could it be your ceiling?

My clients often ask me to come up with a paint scheme for their home, but I've never had one ask for a ceiling scheme! I like to tell my clients that the ceiling is their fifth wall and deserves just as much attention as the walls it sits on.

If you're having a tough time imagining anything but ceiling white paint in a flat finish, check out a couple of these ideas:
 What a charming look, a ceiling all clad in white beadboard!
A deep accent color offers welcome relief from the otherwise neutral palette of this kitchen, and contrasts nicely with the glossy white coffers.
 This kitchen's rustic look is completed with weathered, exposed beams.
 A high gloss ceiling could just about make this designer's heart sing.  This one is fun because the scale of the furnishings is so low, it gives the eye a reason to enjoy the whole, grand space.

 Why not tile the ceiling too?
Historic tin ceiling tiles fit nicely into this coffered ceiling and echo the tile floor below.

So, where to begin?  Start where all risky design decisions start: in your powder bathroom.  Clad the ceiling with beadboard, pick out a gorgeous crown, and then pick the most delightful paint color you've ever laid your eyes on.  Not quite seeing it?  I'd love to take a look and give some suggestions!  Send in your pictures and I'll post a response!

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