Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Furniture: Don't Get Stuck, Colorado!

Colorado, Are you tired of shopping for furniture and finding the same old boring leather couch? Do you want more than 10 cup-holders as the “wow” factor? You have a choice and we encourage you to find your style without losing comfort. You should not be scared to venture into the realm of style, after all your furniture is what you see everyday and have to live with. Whatever piece you decide to go with it does not have to be bland to stand up to changing style. Don’t walk into your home to find the same furniture you see everywhere else.
We strive to find the best in quality, value, and style for this reason. We choose brands for numerous reasons and here is what we found to offer timeless classics that you can live with and not worry about being stuck in the 2010’s in 20 years.

Do not forget about the dining room table. We are creeping up on the holidays and you should ask yourself, do you want to use the table cloth to add color, or just hide that table? I encourage you to spice up the dining room with something different. Going with a quality piece of furniture is a sure bet way to have a comfortable and beautiful centerpiece to your family gathering. From traditional to contemporary a new table is a great showcase for the one time of the year you do not eat in front of the TV. An oak table has always been the staple, but with the growing number of options in wood species and style why settle for ordinary? Take a look at a few of these picks:

If a new table is not in your budget this year, try changing the fabric of your cushions. It is cost effective way to freshen things up.
Still cannot find anything you like? Maybe you want a contemporary look that is with this season’s fashion and like changing every year.  Our designers are here to help you make the best choices and the selection to find that perfect piece - or set to complete your home. As always, if you have not seen anything you like, we custom order and can get many brands before the holidays.

Thanks for reading and I encourage you to push your style limits. Nothing ever changes when you are stuck!  - Missy E.

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