Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fresh Rugs Designs for Your Cold Feet

Let's talk rugs for a minute, because, if you're like most homeowners today you're putting down hard surface flooring--exotic hardwoods, porcelain tile, or eco-trendy cork.  They're beautiful, they give you just the look you were going for, but something's missing. 

Designer's use a million buzzwords for area rugs.  They say they "anchor a room," "define a space," "add warmth under foot."  But this brings up an equal number of questions for you, the homeowner:
  • How large of a rug should I use?
  • What should I plan to spend on a rug?
  • Why buy quality?
  • What's new and fresh?  I'm tired of the Persian rugs.
  • Is it going to look too busy?
I encounter these questions just about every day, and I like to explain the three different ways you can use a rug with these pictures:

Think of a rug as either a boat or a raft.  If you have a raft (far left image), all of your furniture "hangs on," but not with all four legs.  This anchors a room, creates a more intimate feel, and is a bit more cost effective rug investment.  This is also a more contemporary approach.

If you have boat, all of your furniture "gets on," meaning that the furniture is completely on the dimensions of the rug.  As you see in the middle image, this causes a room to feel larger and is a more traditional look.

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a rug that is much too small, say a 5 x 7 in the living room.  This is what is shown in the third image.  A rug that is too small does very little for a room and fails to make an impact like you would want to.

Check out a few of my favorites that we just got in:
This will liven up your living room!
This is a spectacular, classy graphic floral.  It would look great in your classic or contemporary interior.
The amount of coveting that is going on with this fun rug from the Dharma collection is ridiculous.  Two of our designers just about have this one on order.

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