Monday, October 18, 2010

Designer Dreams, Never Realized

I think if I weren't a designer, I would find whatever is going on the mind of one utterly perplexing.  As a result, it doesn't come as a surprise to me on the rare occasion when a client just can't quite visualize what I'm proposing for her home.  Trusting a designer with your home (and your home improvement budget!) can be a challenge, especially if you've never worked with her before.  Rest assurred, your designer thinks about your home obsessively, sometimes wakes up at night and jots notes to herself, and is constantly refining your design to make sure it gets executed beautifully.  Or, at least, this designer does!

Visualizing your designer's concept for your space can be a challenge.  Since the entertaining season is just around the corner, take a peek at a few dining room concepts I've designed that never did get executed as they're shown here:

This client came into our store on a whim with a girlfriend one day. She had a family of eight and had written off the possibility of finding a dining table that could seat her family and another, should she ever find time to entertain! She was greeted in our store with a spectacular table, 116 inches long, and large enough to seat her whole crew (and more!). As I sat down with her, she communicated that she wanted an eclectic look--a refined, tasteful mix of urban contemporary and classic pieces. I pulled together this look for her, letting a fabulous rug that we had just gotten in dictate the nomadic color scheme.

This client was looking for a casual, "stay awhile" dining room. She and her husband entertained frequently, but they entertained over meals that were simple and served family style, not with multiple course, fancy foods. She wanted her guests to enjoy one another over a casual meal, and she needed a dining room that would help facilitate this. My jumping off point for this room actually began in selecting three colors of casual, durable, playful Fiestaware for her to use as her "company best." Once my pallette of lemongrass, ivory, and butter had been chosen by the dishware, I softened the look with warm gray neutrals. To keep the room from feeling too predictable, I contrasted the lighter tones of the fabric and walls with an ebony sideboard and mirror. I took a hint from her existing finishes and wanted to see a piece of the same quartz used in her kitchen over the sideboard so that she could serve hot foods or liquids without having to worry about the piece of furniture.

So, what rooms are you dreaming up?  I'd love to hear about it!

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